Barbie Drinks (Day 13)

Today was a great day. Giving myself the last two days off to rest and allow my feet to heal was a great choice. Like in all things I do, whether it’s personal or for work or something else, I get caught up in what I am supposed to be doing and fulfilling my (probably too high) expectations. So to step back and change my expectations the last few days has truly helped me with this experience.

I loved my time in Burgos, there was a huge festival just getting started yesterday and it was so much fun to be there for it, I only wish I could have participated more. But I knew that I needed to continue to care for my feet which helped me to focus on my purpose of being there.

I was able to get up and be out the door on time, which gave us a good start, and then we made fantastic time today. We walked 13 miles in 5 hours today. It helped that the walk was very flat, but we were so surprised with ourselves and proud, which put us in great spirits. We had the opportunity to relax this afternoon, did some laundry and then had a community dinner with other pilgrims who are staying in our hostel.

For dinner we had paella, with chicken and rabbit meat. I think mine was mostly rabbit because it did NOT look or taste like chicken. At our table were four people from Japan, a French man, and a man from Hungary. Conversation was light and fun, and at the end of the meal one of the Japanese men wanted to do shots of whiskey, so the owner of the hostel brought out shot glasses and a bottle of something. Thankfully they had other liquor for us that don’t do whiskey (besides Fireball 😆). So Micah and I had something that was very similar to Bailey’s, and when the Hungarian man went to choose we offered to pour him some of that and he said it was a “Barbie drink”!

It was wonderful to have a chance to meet  new pilgrims who we have never seen before and get to know them in a more personal way. Despite our language barrier, we were able to find common ground and learn from each other. Well, at least Micah and I learned from them!

I feel much more relaxed now than during any other part of this trip. I hope that it continues and I can embrace more of what it means to be a pilgrim in days to come.


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