Burgos (Days 11 & 12)

I woke up this morning with a gut feeling that I shouldn’t be walking today. I thought my feet were healing over the last few days but it seemed to have back tracked overnight. I’m not sure if I was doing something wrong taking care of them, or when I dipped them into the pool at the hostel last night it did something. Either way, I was in so much pain just walking through town, I knew I had to take a rest day.

Micah and I made a plan to meet up in the next town, San Juan, so I could rest and she could continue at her own pace. I set off to find a hospital to have a doctor look at my feet. Upon arriving at the hospital/”centro de salud”, I discovered it was closed, but as I arrived, two other pilgrims who were in need of help also showed up. Thankfully, they spoke English (and were from Kansas City! Oh how nice it was to talk to a fellow midwesterner!) and we helped each other figure out a plan. So I tagged along with them on a bus to Burgos- the driver wouldn’t stop in San Juan- and we helped each other find the centro de salud in Burgos. The doctor didn’t do anything different than the guys at the hostel in Los Arcos, but sometimes it’s just nice to have a doctor do it and make sure it’s correct and most importantly clean. She told me I shouldn’t walk today and I told her I am taking today and tomorrow off from walking and she said good.

After we got our feet fixed up, my new friend Donna and I went for lunch- her other friend went to their hotel to rest. I got a delicious hamburger with an egg and bacon, and fries. It was so good, and I was actually able to eat most of my food! Something that has surprisingly been a struggle the last few weeks.

It was nice to talk to Donna about our struggles and excitements. We have so much in common even though we didn’t start together and are from different places. This is the beauty of the Camino, finding commonalities with strangers and a sense of understanding right away because we are all going through the same experience together. After lunch, Donna set off to find her hotel and I went to look for a hostel. I had some directions, but they weren’t great. Naturally, I got lost and asked at least 4 different people to help me and by God’s grace I finally found it. It’s located next to the most beautiful and magnificent Cathedral that I hope to explore tomorrow morning.

The remainder of my day today will be used to find a smoothie (which has been accomplished as I’ve been writing this), probably find some ice cream or dinner (I’ll give you one chance to figure out which is going to win that one 🤣), and resting (so sleeping and watching Netflix).



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